My son is thriving! He is in kindergarten now and doing great both socially and academically.  I credit Jackie and how she coached her teachers with all the progress that my son has made.  He struggled with relying on his physical self (pushing, biting, etc…) and was asked to leave one preschool where is was anxious and upset almost every day. They weren’t willing or equipped to handle him but I met Jackie and I knew she could help him and my family.  She worked with us providing guidance, social/emotional support and gave us help in meeting our son’s needs.  He needs space to move, academic challenges, structure and routine.  She found a loving and playful way to provide for him without judgement and with compassion and patience.  She really understood him and he adapted very quickly with very few incidents. We have taken the skills and knowledge that she shared with us and carried it into our home and every day lives and the changes have been amazing! Jackie is a 10 out of 10.

               Holly T.

Both of my children attended Woodsedge and I have no doubt that  Jackie’s wisdom, teaching style, teacher coaching and exceptional abilities to understand and work with children helped both of them to become the amazing people they are today. My daughter was a colicky fussy baby when she came to Woodsedge, who didn’t sleep well.  Within two weeks of being there, my daughter was on a set schedule, much calmer and had lost the colic and fussiness.  Over the next few years, Jackie helped my daughter gain confidence, empathy, the importance of cooperation with others, and a love for learning, all of which have stayed with her and contributed to her success in school and in life. 

My son came to Jackie with boundless energy and a very limited attention span.  Rather than trying to limit him, Jackie and her teachers understood and embraced the energy, worked on developing his strengths and helped him find constructive ways for him to use his energy while still learning.  This in turn helped me to understand my son’s learning style and to work with my son’s energy in a positive way. He still has the energy but, with the start at Woodsedge, has been successful in using it to his advantage in so many ways.   

I doubt that Jackie has ever met a child she did not like, that she could not communicate with or with whom she was not able to develop an open and trusting relationship.  To be sure, being able to communicate with a child in a non-confrontational and comforting way is something we’d all like to emulate.  Jackie was a tremendous gift to my children and is a great resource to any parent. 

                      Cathy N.